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Free To Be Me

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The human mind can at times be self-centered, gullible and misguided.  Have you ever walked into a meeting late? What does your mind tell you? “Everyone is looking at you. Tip toe and bend as you walk in. That will make you less visible.”  We worry too much what other people think about us while they on the other hand worry what we think about them.  Our choices are heavily pegged on what we think others will think of us. We worry what we wear, what and how we eat, where and whom we are seen hanging around.


How many of us leave their real selves at home every day so that we can carry our false images to please people who don’t even care about us? How many times do we betray our true selves by conforming to other people’s expectations? We disqualify ourselves from certain positions because we think someone else can do it better than we can. We take a back seat. We bow out.

Every person who has done something worthwhile had at one time to choose between being true to themselves or to do what was popular. All the leaders that had an impact in their generation had to make that choice and so you and I must if we want to see the same in ours. There is always a price to pay and most of the time it’s our own comfort and/or the affirmation of others.

What have you been putting off because someone else literally laughed out loud when you told them what you wanted to do? What have you given up on because your parents told you it wouldn’t work? The closest people tend to do the worst damage. You had a brilliant business idea and you shared it with your closest friends. They told you there is no way you of all people would pull it off. You believed them.

What if you lost your mind for once and stopped caring what others thought about you and what you wanted to do. What if you woke up and pursued your dreams despite what your friends thought? What if you went on to get married to the person of your choice despite what your parents and religious leaders thought of him or her? What if you did what makes you feel good and happy? What if you admitted to your friends that you don’t like going out and would rather sit at home with a nice book and hot cup of flavoured tea?


What if you and I chose a leader who we thought represented our aspirations regardless of their tribe? What if you and I refused to be corrupt because it was a matter of principle? What if you and I stopped to help someone who was in need despite running the risk of being taken advantage of? What if we lost our minds enough to take our real selves for a walk? What if we walked out of abusive relationships because we knew better? What if we laughed more even though others thought we had a “bad laugh?” What if we talked more because we knew what we had to say was more important than our accents? What if we lost our minds enough to be ourselves? You and I, just the way we are. No apologies. True to ourselves?

What if we lost our minds enough to be our real selves?

Edited by Wanjiku Kimaru

Author: njugunadavie

Lets ask why. Lets ask why not. Lets be different. Lets run the risk of being called insane. Its not always a bad thing to lose our minds.

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