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Unhappy New Year?



It’s been 365 days since we ushered in 2014 in January (there is a quarter day that is still unaccounted for). This year has been different things to different people. Like every other year, 2014 had its good and bad moments and like its predecessors, it leaves behind scars and stories. Some of which are too deep and dark to share while others too bold and beautiful to remain hidden. All the same, its time to make the so called “New Year Resolutions”; as if someone who had 365 (and a quarter) days to change but didn’t will suddenly get the inspiration to do so now that the calendar has been reset.


However, human beings thrive on Hope. We are driven by aspirations – the idea of a better day, a better me, a better you and a better living environment. No one anticipates a bad day hence terms like Happy Birthday and Happy New year. It’s an aspiration. A hope that the year ahead will be full of events that will make you happy and not sad.

If someone told you at the beginning of the year that you will have the most difficult year in your life, you would easily slap them for wishing you such a thing right? But how many people despite the numerous people who wished them a “Happy New Year” at the beginning of 2014, still had the worst year of their life!

To you whose 2014 was everything but happy, to you who lost hope in the situation you found yourself in this year, to you who can’t wait for 2015 to get here in anticipation that something or everything will change, take heart. Not because I have a magic wand to wish your disappointment, pain and suffering away. No. Take heart because the end of 2014 means you are a day closer to a better day.

Truth be told, some of us had a great year in 2014 but it might not be so in 2015. It has nothing to do with the year itself. People often say “this is my year” and it ends up being their year to learn a difficult lesson through a difficult situation. None of us are exempt from these life lessons and sadly, we don’t get to choose when they’ll happen either.


So if you find yourself in an unhappy New Year next year, take heart. Don’t lose hope. Keep believing that the end of every day is as much a gift as the beginning of another. If the New Year doesn’t bring new things you desire but brings with it the same pain and agony 2014 did, don’t lose hope. Tomorrow will come. Nothing can stop it. It will show up without fail. And if your tomorrow comes with the same pain as today did, don’t lose hope. It’s not the end of tomorrows.

But for you whose New Year will be better than 2014, please do enjoy every day of it! You know what it means to have a tough year so look out for those who are not having a good day, a good week, a good month or a good year. Remind them that storms don’t last forever. Sometimes it’s all we need to hear to get back on our feet. Sadly most of us would rather forget the bad old days and only remember the good old days.

Whatever happens in the New Year, good or bad, it will have its purpose and even though at the time it might not feel so, don’t lose hope. Dare to hope that you’ll have a great year in 2015. Hope that you will be happy and that life will be kind to you. But if it doesn’t, hope that you will be strong enough to wait for a better day no matter how long it takes. Hope that you don’t forget the lessons that the New Year will offer – good or bad. Hope that you will be wise enough to see and grab opportunities that the New Year will offer.

Most of all, hope that you will remain true to yourself. The world, your country, your family and your friends will need you. Every day of the New Year will present opportunities for you to be a better you. Grab them. Squeeze all you can from them. At the end of it all, you will be happy for both the good and the bad because both will make you who the person you will become at the end of the year. Don’t forget to celebrate the “little successes”. They will be the wind beneath your wings.

Have a Hopeful New Year.


Author: njugunadavie

Lets ask why. Lets ask why not. Lets be different. Lets run the risk of being called insane. Its not always a bad thing to lose our minds.

2 thoughts on “Unhappy New Year?

  1. Thanks for this beautiful read, it makes me appreciate the highs and the lows awaiting! Asante.

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