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Whatever will be, will be.



December is often a month of celebrations. It’s a culture that has been adopted across the world. Apart from the “normal Christmas celebrations” many companies have end of year sales and clearing stock offers. Our employers organize end of year parties and school leavers are the target of many sponsored events with everyone trying to make “a kill” out of the jingle bells month.

For some of us, we celebrate the end of a year that has been very good to us. Our prayers were answered, we got the job of our dreams or we got promoted. Some of us got funding for projects we were undertaking while others finally ventured into self-employment and it the business looks good. We traveled the world, bought the car and the house of our dreams married an angel for a spouse everything worked out more than we ever imagined. We are happy. We don’t remember how it felt to have a hard time. It’s not pride, it’s the truth.

For others, they are enjoying the joy of parenthood. After “trying” for a really long time, we finally got a baby. For some our kids started school this year and what a joy it has been to see them learn so many things in school.  Some of our kids actually graduated this year are now preparing for the next phase in their lives. Oh, the joy of parents seeing their kids turn out better than they anticipated!


There is the other side of the coin though. For some, this year has been a constant nightmare. If life had a “CTRl+ALT+DEL” button some of us would erase this year from their memory, empty the recycle bin and probably even format our hard disks. It’s been a difficult year. Some lost close relatives and friends while others received unbearable news. It has taken effort for you to wake up every morning. The thought of going back to that office or to that house has been such punishment and torture.

If there was a train to “anywhere but here” we would have been so gone. Decisions that seemed right at the time later turned out to our worst choices. How could we not see what kind of person our spouse was? Wasn’t that deal too good to be true? We should have listened to our instincts. Something was wrong with that house girl. But here we are; the consequences of our decisions weighing heavily on us. Where is that “undo” button when you need it?

Maybe for most of us, this was neither a good year nor a bad one. We were just there. The usual. Nothing we couldn’t handle. Most of the things went as planned with the usual disappointments and delays but nothing out of the ordinary. Just life. We applied for a few jobs, we got a few responses, went for a few interviews but couldn’t agree on the perks so we went back to our not so bad jobs.

You started a business venture and broke even, got some profit but it’s OK. Things could have been better but they could have been worse as well so hey. You had a fight with your daughter for getting drunk at the school party but at least she got home safe and she is not pregnant. Your son has become detached and “a bit weird”. He never leaves his room without a fight but at least he is in the house. This has been a “normal” year. Such is life. “Que Sera Sera”. (Whatever will be, will be).

Time quotes

However your year has been, good or bad what matters most is that you are still here. Your year was great, maximize. Who knows what next year will offer. Memories of the good things that you experienced this year will keep you going if next year is not as good. If you had a bad year you can hope for a better one next year. If you have lost all hope then you are lucky. You cannot be disappointed when you don’t have any expectations.

Time has a way of changing things. It’s the best gift you can get this December. It’s also the best gift you can give to your loved ones and anyone else. So, regardless of whatever you are going through, take time to do something significant for yourself and others. Your worst could be the best to someone else. Your little could be a lot to someone else. Time has a way of changing things. This time next year you will definitely not be where you are this year. Invest your time. Invest it in yourself and invest it in others. Time does have a way of changing things.

Author: njugunadavie

Lets ask why. Lets ask why not. Lets be different. Lets run the risk of being called insane. Its not always a bad thing to lose our minds.

2 thoughts on “Whatever will be, will be.

  1. Yani if there was a Ctl+Alt+Del button! hmmm, but all in all i have a lot to thank God for., i needed to read this article today to be reminded of all these. Thanks Davie

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