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Operation Okoa Kenya



My mom was the most unpredictable person that ever existed. You could never read her mood. Case in point; my mom had what she called the curtain principle. As long as the curtains were not drawn I had permission to stay out playing. The minute my sisters drew the curtains, that was the end of the day regardless of what time it was. I was to stop whatever I was doing and get into the house.

Nothing was more torturous than the look on my sister’s face when I got into the house after the curtains had been drawn. You could tell they were laughing with a straight face lest my mum turns the tables on them too. And so my long journey across the sitting room began. The puzzle of all puzzles.

I couldn’t sit down with my now dirty clothes for obvious reasons, if I apologized, I would be admitting guilt and walking across the room without saying anything was rude and I was just adding insult to injury. Often, I almost made it across the room before my mum suddenly started asking questions that always ended up being accompanied by blows and kicks before she went back to her conversation on the phone. Who beats their children while the person on the phone is listening? Simply unpredictable!

Watching the World Cup this year feels like I am dealing with my mum all over again. Nothing is predictable anymore. Seriously, how did England, Italy and Spain get knocked out in the first round? These teams have always been the giants of soccer even guys who don’t watch soccer know that!

Our African heroes too had their fair share of being unpredictable; Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria and Ivory Coast are out! We were so sure that Ghana would be in the finals this time. Senegal did not even make it to the World Cup. Kenya, in the spirit of being unpredictable was however well represented by Harambee stars in the World Cup and “our” Origi (short for Original) got to the quarter finals!

Talking of unpredictable, did you see what the Germans did to Brazil (Germaneni?) Kwanza that octopus lied to us! It predicted that Brazil would win. I thought Netherlands would carry the day after a boring 120 minutes of play. They have been in the World Cup 11 times but have never won the Cup. Well some things are hard to change..


While the World Cup (and my mother) thrive in being unpredictable, our country Kenya on the other hand is still thriving in being predictable. Same old leaders holding same old rallies, making same old speeches and promises, indulging in same old blame game. Isn’t it predictable that our leaders whom we elected to represent us in Parliament, Senate and County Assembly are everywhere else but in the place where they can make real change?

Why can’t our leaders amend whatever they feel is not right from Parliament? Do these guys watch the news and see how mwananchi is suffering across the country (and I mean even from the presidents tribe for those of you who engage in shallow talk). I found it really funny that some of our leaders want us to boycott using certain products. What about the people who make a living from working in these companies will you give them work? The brand that every leader should represent is one of helping his/her people. Even if it’s for publicity sake.

They got one thing right though. It’s time for Operation Okoa Kenya. Actually let’s start with Operation Okoa Lamu. Why haven’t we seen our leaders visit Lamu and Tana to show “their solidarity”? Why haven’t they mobilized resources available to them to donate to the affected Kenyans down there? Why don’t they setup a helpline for the victims so that they can rebuild their lives? No, we would rather talk about not getting media coverage. If you did some of these things you would never have to worry about media coverage!

Lets Okoa Kenya, let our leaders get out of those comfortable sits in Parliament, Senate and County Assemblies and let them meet us Kenyans in estates, schools, hospitals and workplaces. No Mheshimiwa, my needs cannot be “googled” on your new iPad. But you can play Angry birds or Candy crush. My needs are not in your trips around the world. If you took a trip to my doorstep I would tell you all you need to know about my needs. Earn your sitting allowance by standing up for your people.

Let us Okoa Kenya from the lie that Tribalism and corruption are in Government. They are not. A government is run by people. Those people are none other than you and I. Am I not the one giving bribes to get services that ought to be my right and not a privilege?


Lets Okoa Kenya by guarding our own land. Surely, do you think that the police will catch up with the guy you saw planning an attack on fellow Kenyans and did nothing about it? Okoa Kenya or maybe even jiokoe! Pass the information to the security officers and if they don’t do anything about it go to another station and another and another. Tweet it use the hash tag #KOT you will be surprised that’s better than doing nothing.

We can Okoa Kenya by bringing peace to our hate filled social media walls and timelines. Unfriend, Unfollow, Unsubscribe, block and spam cowards that area threat to Operation Okoa Kenya. What do you have to lose anyway? You will never even get to see these people but their updates agitate you. Unfollow!

Okoa Kenya by not voting for selfish misguided leaders who think they are the saviors of this world but would sacrifice you at their ego altars. Okoa Kenya, get annoyed! Get mad when you see something going wrong. Don’t get used to injustices. Don’t become complacent about everything that is happening in the country. It’s not normal, it’s not “just the way it is” Don’t accept status quo. Okoa Kenya’s next generation by putting to an end today’s misdeeds today!


For your God yourself and your country, Okoa Kenya!

Author: njugunadavie

Lets ask why. Lets ask why not. Lets be different. Lets run the risk of being called insane. Its not always a bad thing to lose our minds.

4 thoughts on “Operation Okoa Kenya

  1. Deep Stuff there Davie.! The politicians should be meeting us like when they were campaigning. I agree we ought to do something, it begins with us, Me. Looking forwad to the next article. God bless

  2. and where is this Red Cross Davie, ama kazi yao ni kuonekana wakati wa njaa na wakihudumia Matajiri???

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