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National Dialogue. Why Not?



When we were much much younger, in a bid to understand our female counterparts, (as insane as that sounds) we used to have couples come and talk to us about relationships. During these forums, I remember always thinking to myself, how hard can it get? I mean that’s why people talk right? I was wrong. So wrong.

Apparently, those days when WhatsApp was still a greeting (what’s up), ladies talked in codes. I hope that has changed nowadays. So anyway, according to our mentor couples, when ladies said something, it was very different from what they meant.

The one that I still don’t understand (to date) was that when a lady asks if you are hungry, what she was really saying was that she was hungry. Of course if you ask a guy if he is hungry it’s a yes or no answer. But for the lady if you said no, and went on with what you were doing (which is what most average guys do after giving a complete answer) she got mad! And that became a dome (uhm an issue).

So let me get this right. You are hungry and you want something to eat but instead of getting yourself something to eat, you ask your boyfriend if he is hungry and then get annoyed that he isn’t and that he doesn’t “understand” you. Let’s not even go into the “Are you Ok?” or better yet, the “We need to talk” kind of conversations. We (men) know there is always more than meets the eye when get to such times.

There is hope men. I kid you not. Find it here (while stocks last):


I was reminded of these conversations last week when the political atmosphere exploded with talks of National Dialogue. Quite honestly it felt as if it was the “are you hungry” type of conversation. I thought when people said we need to talk they meant exactly that; we need to talk.

Now that our leaders seem to be in a talking mood (note: it’s talking not doing) maybe we should. Let’s have the national dialogue.

Let’s first talk about the manifesto that each of these leaders came with during the elections. Let’s talk about what has been done so far apart from their salaries which were not part of the manifestos. Let’s have a national dialogue on why we are still talking about elections a year after we had them.

Let’s have a national dialogue. Let’s talk about the insecurity in the country. Let’s talk about Mandera, Wajir, Tana River, Baringo, Mombasa, Nairobi and the entire country. It’s the government’s responsibility to provide security for its citizens but it’s our work to equip them with information. So now we think that each community needs a vigilante group to “protect” them. Soon it will be you standing before the same vigilante to plead for your life or the life of a loved one. We need to talk.

Let’s have a national dialogue. Let’s talk about accountability. Every one of us who is employed has targets. We all do our best to make sure we meet these targets lest we lose our jobs. Why then do we allow our employees (Public servants) to go around doing what they want without meeting their targets?  Please let’s talk.

Let’s have a national dialogue. Let’s talk about the rate of unemployment among the youth. While at it, let’s talk about alcohol abuse among kids as young as in high schools. We need to talk about it because the way young people “appreciate” alcohol these days, we might not have a work force in the next 20 years. Let’s also talk about redefining employment. Let’s talk to our young people about what a job means. Let’s talk to them about shambas and dukas and mjengos. Let’s talk.

Let’s have a national dialogue. Let’s talk about role models. Let’s talk about positive influence. Forget bleaching and body adjustments let’s talk about giving back to community. Let’s talk about you going back to your school and telling those kids that they too will make it. Let’s take back some of the powers we have delegated to political and religious leaders to be influencers of society and let’s start doing it ourselves.

Let’s have a national dialogue. Let’s talk about priorities. Let’s talk about why police officers, doctors and teachers still earn peanuts while they carry the greatest responsibilities in the country. You want your child to grow up in a secure environment? Then let’s talk about equipping our security forces with the best equipment and resource. Let’s also talk about making their salaries so competitive that corruption offers will be a joke.

Let’s talk about hospitals. Let’s talk about having the best equipment in each of the counties. Let talk about making our public health centers “hospitable”. Let’s talk about employing enough medical personnel and while at it, let’s pay them so well that side hustles and private clinics will close down. Let’s talk about making our public hospitals a place you want to get sick in and not sick of.

Let’s have a national dialogue. Let talk about our education system that is causing fatigue and exhaustion on our children and making them “zombies” who know too much but can’t do anything with what they know. Let’s talk about making the education system more relevant to the market let’s talk about skill development. Let’s also talk about building schools. Surely in this day and age no child should be learning under a tree.

Would you want your child to be taught by a teacher who is distracted, thinking about how he/she will make their ends meet? Then let’s ensure they remain focused. Let’s talk about employing more teachers and paying them really well. Lets offer them incentives that their kids can learn free of charge in the schools they teach. If you know you are teaching one of your kids you will do it to the best of your ability. The result, every child receives the best.


So Mr. President, as you can see, there is a lot to talk about. Go ahead initiate the national dialogue and let everyone get involved. Weather its tea or lunch; the most important thing is not the talking it’s WHAT we talk about! It’s a National Dialogue because we all need to talk. So when we sit at our tables tonight, we all need to individually have a national dialogue. Not debate. Dialogue.

Let the conversations begin. Lets talk.

Author: njugunadavie

Lets ask why. Lets ask why not. Lets be different. Lets run the risk of being called insane. Its not always a bad thing to lose our minds.

3 thoughts on “National Dialogue. Why Not?

  1. Lets talk…I hope Mr.President reads this..nice piece…as usual…

  2. Wow, you have nailed it. looking forwad to the next article

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