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Its time for the Heart-Run!

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Last weekend was The Mater Heart Run and apart from the madness that is traffic on such days, it is a noble event. I wish more publicity was done around the lives you touch when you participate and with the funds you raise.


Last week however, I  was involved in a different kind “heart run”.  I decided to run away from my heart. We broke up and went our different ways. I couldn’t take it anymore. I can’t say I am heartbroken but I have definitely lost heart.

You should too if you haven’t. How many times have you trusted your heart and it let you down? How many times have you followed your heart and ended up lost? How many times have you given “with all your heart” only to get nothing but a heartache in return?

When it comes to heart issues, we are all so gullible. We get irrational. Think about it. How many songs have been sang about this component of our lives called the heart? One artist actually sang “Unbreak my heart” and the song became a hit.

Really, unbreak-my-heart? First there is no such word as “Unbreak”. But we’ll let that pass. Why would such a song become a hit? We might as well sing the song “rebreak” my heart!

What is it with our hearts? I remember my mum used to say that she loves me (with all her heart) but she hates the sin in my heart. She always made it clear that the beating I was about to partake was to remove the sin from my heart. But she never punished the heart. Every other part of the body felt the pain (for a couple days) while my heart went on to covet the same thing I had been punished for.

I have never understood the heart and honestly, I gave up trying. Relationships are the most ridiculous exhibitions of places the heart can take you. You have everything working for you and you are happy with where you are and what you have.

Then another person comes along and tells that “he/she loves you with all their heart. What do you do?  You start dating and maybe eventually get married. All because someone told you that they loved you with all their heart? Hasn’t your own heart mislead you before? Now you want to trust someone else’s heart while you don’t trust your own?

The shocking bit is that we invest so much in going to school to learn how to make good choices (to use our heads) only to go out and do very “strange” things in the name of the heart. You know (with your head) the kind of guy you should date and you have well laid out reasons. A few giggles later, coffee then lunch then a heartache.

Ever wondered where the brain goes in moments when you are “thinking with your heart”? How come it’s only after the heartache that we “can see clearly”? How powerful is this heart that it throws out all reason and the things we have painfully learnt to over the years only to land us in trouble and pain over and over again?

If you are willing to spend your life trying to understand the ways of your heart you will be seriously disappointed. To be more explicit, you have got to be out of your mind (otherwise referred to as mad or insane) to embark on a journey to know your heart. You will fail. Every time. I would know.

What will take for you to stop trusting your heart that much? What will it take for you to turn and stop following your heart? Into how many pieces must your heart break for you to stop listening to it? What makes your heart better than any other part of your body? I wish you trusted your legs more because they can run. I wish you trusted your eyes more because they can see. But trusting your heart over everything else? Are you out of your mind!

I have found a remedy. It’s very simple. Run! Let everyday that you are alive be a heart –run day. Unlike the brain, the heart is very deceitful; it will desire what it knows it shouldn’t have and want it knows it can’t get. You can never quench its thirst or satisfy its appetite. Run I say. The mind has never offered to pump blood yet heart often offers to think. Why? Why won’t the heart mind its own business?

Well my friends today you and I feast from the same table. None of us (mad or otherwise) can out run our hearts. But I sure do try and you should too. The heart is deceitful. One day it will lead you in an exceptional memorable journey the next day drag you in the dungeons of pain, shame and regret. One day it will bring with it success and glory, the next day failure and loss. Why would you trust such an erratic formula? It sounds like a pyramid scheme!

 Truth be told. Your heart is your greatest investment. You chose whether to invest it in high risk or low risk returns. One thing is guaranteed. It will yield returns but just like every worthwhile investment; not without a few loses.


Every human being mad or sane, young or old woman or man, you are not exempt from the battles of the heart; the battle FOR the heart, the battle FROM the heart and the battle OF the heart.

Enjoy your heart-run.



Author: njugunadavie

Lets ask why. Lets ask why not. Lets be different. Lets run the risk of being called insane. Its not always a bad thing to lose our minds.

One thought on “Its time for the Heart-Run!

  1. Great piece…straight from the heart..)

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