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Changing Time


If foxes have holes, surely even a mad man can find a home somewhere, anywhere on the streets of Nairobi to lay his head right? Well I have to admit it must be the mad people peak season because competition is high nowadays. Street families have take over every comfortable corner of this town. 

Yes a mad man does need his comfort as well. Its not comfort the way you normal people know it, but we too need a place to lay our heads. A stone and a worn out carton have often provided this much needed comfort but that comfort has in the last few days been threatened. I wonder if the devil of (in) devolution wants homeless people homeless. Quite profound if you think about it (don’t think about it).

Well, back to matters sanity, so yes, I did eventually find a nice well lit place on Kenyatta Avenue next to a night club. Kudos to the Chinese for the new bright lights they have mounted near junctions. Those traffic lights weren’t bright enough. Anyway, as I organized my house for the night, I noticed something very odd. I know I’m a mad man but I too see things that I find off, from my already off point of view.

How can a decent, very well dressed lady (from my judgement and standards) undress in front of the whole world only to wear something extremely indecent from anyone’s perception mad or otherwise! I sat up not to enjoy the view, well I can not quantify that but I still couldn’t believe my eyes. To make it worse, its wasn’t just one lady they were quorum!(The better for normal people I think)

Its very hard for mad man to multi task because I ended up staying up for quite a while observing (no longer seeing or watching) these seemingly normal people undress only dress up as if they are still undressed! One after another one lady after another. So I ended up doing the unthinkable, I thought!

Growing up as a normal child ( I must have been) every woman was a holy being including baby girls. The world had certain expectations of them; how they dressed, how they sat, how they walked, who they were seen with. I can actually remember, vaguely, my sisters literally running so that my mum wouldn’t catch them talking to a normal looking boy!

So pardon me if I see it as abnormal for ladies to undress in the middle of town. But imagine with me, you and the other people in my head, what could have happened to a lady to make her so cold and so blind that she looses her intricate delicate demeanour? (I’m mad!)  

What would make a lady loose herself so much that she cant see anything wrong or strange with undressing in public? I, we us (the not normal fraternity) don’t undress in public! Its not and never feels normal for us to do that.  I have a few thoughts though (literally just a few). One,these ladies have seen it all. The things they have done or have let others do to and with them, cant compare to undressing in public. 

Maybe they never thought they would ever get to that point either but here they are now, doing it. They are naked and not ashamed. They have probably given away so much of themselves that what you see is just a shell of the who they once were. The cover is still the same but that’s the only thing that has remained. The cover.

My other thought is maybe I saw my own things. It wouldn’t be the first time that has happened. Maybe my mind or lack of it, was playing tricks on me. No lady would do that right?

Here is my conclusion though, do you see that girl? As a father, do you see that daughter? As a husband, do you see that wife? As a brother, do you that sister? As a man, do you see that woman? I don’t mean look. I said see! Well if you don’t see her then she will find someone else who will see her and probably ask for a better view. 

If you do see her, then let her know that you do. I might be a mad man but I know the value of being seen. I see how everyone looks at me like I am a mad man. But I too see mad people everyday and if you have a woman in your life that you look at everyday and cant see her, you need to find your own corner. This one is taken.

But what do I know, am just a mad man right?

Author: njugunadavie

Lets ask why. Lets ask why not. Lets be different. Lets run the risk of being called insane. Its not always a bad thing to lose our minds.

3 thoughts on “Changing Time

  1. Now am curious after reading this. There’s a mad man who ‘lives’ at the bus shade near my work place, I always see him looking at ladies in a funny way, I think next time I’ll give him a pen and paper to write down his thoughts. Difference is the ladies won’t be changing clothes, only waiting for a bus…

  2. You can write too, bro…. Excellent read.

  3. Concepts of ‘mad’ and ‘normal’ are pretty dubious at the best of times. I suppose in the context of your observations one persons ‘madness’ is anothers sanity.

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